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AOA Web Profile Legal Disclaimer


The AOIA and the Requesting Organization agree that the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report (Report) is intended to assist authorized parties verify the credentials of osteopathic physicians. Therefore it is mutually agreed that:

1. The Requesting Organization will not share this Report with any other entity and shall otherwise take all necessary steps to maintain the Report with complete confidentiality of the Report and all information in the Report;

2. The information is granted solely to the Requesting Organization and is granted as a limited non-exclusive license;

3. The authorized Requesting Organization will not disclose, share, transfer or reveal any provider information contained in this Report to any outside party without express written consent of the AOIA or upon court order;

4. Breach of this Agreement will result in the loss of your authorized Requesting Organization status and no further Reports will be furnished to you or your organization by the AOIA; The AOIA makes every effort to ensure that the Reports are as accurate and complete as possible. The AOIA relies on primary sources for timely and accurate reporting of professional information. However, errors and delays can occur in reporting and data processing. Therefore, the AOIA makes no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the authorized Requesting Organization releases the AOIA from any and all liability for inaccurate or incomplete information in each Report.

About Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report

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