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Physician Profile Report FAQs


About the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report
Q: Where can I find out more about the Physician Profile Report—what it contains, the cost, and who accepts it?

A: Go to About the Physician Profile Report .

Q: How do I check the board certification of an osteopathic physician (DO)?

A: The Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report serves as primary source verification of DO board certification status.

Q: I can't locate the physician I am searching for?

A: For best search results, enter the first and last name of the physician as the only search criteria.

Q: I'm a DO. Can I view my profile before I send it to a state licensure board?

A: For security reasons, you cannot view your profile on the website; however, you can request a personal copy of it by emailing your name and AOA ID number to credentials@osteopathic.org .

Q: Can Credentials Verification Organizations (CVO) obtain profiles?

A: CVOs can obtain Profiles after signing a licensing agreement with the AOA. Contact Annette Gippe at agippe@osteopathic.org or (800) 621-1773 ext. 8142 for contract and pricing information.

Q: What credit card can I use to order the Profiles?

A: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA

Q: I have been asked for a letter from the AOA verifying my training or Board Certification. How do I obtain that?

A: The AOIA Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report has replaced all letters of verification. However, if the entity insists on a letter, please contact us at credentials@osteopathic.org

Ordering and Printing the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report
Q: What browser should I use?

A: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera for Windows can all be used with the Profile service. Click here for more details on site requirements.

Q: Does the ordering and printing option work for Macintosh computers or other Apple products?

A: The online Profile system will only work with PCs.

Q: How do I begin the ordering process?

A: First you must sign in using either the Sign In link at the top or the Quick Sign In box at the left. You will need your customer ID and password (if you have forgotten your customer ID or password, click here). If you are a new customer, click the Register link at the top of the page. Once you have signed in and accepted the agreement, click the Order Profiles button on the left.

Q: What if there is a change to the Profile?

A: You will receive an email alert when there is a change to the board certification or postdoctoral training status for a period of 18 months from the order date. This will include updates to Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC) or Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

Q: How do I print?

A: After you have completed your order, you will be taken to the Profile History page where the Profile is instantly available. This page also lists all profiles you have ordered within the last 18 months. Click the PDF link next to the name of the physician whose Profile you wish to print. This will open the PDF version of the Profile in a new window. Click the Print button in the Adobe Reader toolbar. You can also choose to Save the Profile to your computer's hard drive.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Log in, accept the user agreement, and click Edit account at the top of the page. You will see the Change Password button at the bottom of the page. Enter your current password, type a new password twice and click Save New Password. Your password must contain at least 6 letters and/or numbers.


Q: What if my computer or printer malfunctions in the middle of an order, do I have to order another report?

A: All profiles that have been ordered in the last 30 days are saved in your Profile History. You can simply log back in and click on Profile History and click on the PDF link to retrieve a profile. In addition you can save a copy of the PDF to your hard drive before you print if you prefer. Simply click Save a Copy at the top of the Profile window.

Q: Who can I contact for more help?

A: You can e-mail credentials@osteopathic.org or call (800) 621-1773, ext. 8285.

Explanation of Profile Ordering Options

Once you have searched for the physician whose Profile you need, you can complete your order in several ways:

  1. Bill to Account
  2. You can deduct the cost from your account balance. To add funds to your balance, either use a credit card or mail a check to: American Osteopathic Information Association 142 E. Ontario St. Chicago, IL 60611. Please allow 5 business days for checks to be applied to your balance.

  3. Credit Card Purchase
  4. Bill the cost to a major credit card instantly. The Profile Service accepts, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


Q: I need to get a print-out of my recent profile purchases. How do I do that?

A: Your order history is available in the Transactions section. You can search for your orders by date, by year or within a specific time period. You can also search for orders by physician. Once you have located the orders you need (they will be displayed in the box at the bottom of the Order History page), click the Print button at the top to open the Print Window. In the Print Window, click Print.

Q: How can I find out how much money is in my account?

A: Your account balance is displayed in several locations on the site:

  1. At the top of the page under every tab in the Billing section.
  2. On the Order Profiles page at the bottom just above the order buttons.

Q: How can I add money to my account?

A: To add money to your account you have two options:

  1. Mail in a check to: American Osteopathic Information Association 142 E. Ontario St. Chicago, IL 60611. Please allow 5 business days for checks to be applied to your balance.
  2. With a credit card online - To add funds to your account online with a credit card, click the Billing link. Then select the Add Funds (charge) tab. Enter your credit card information and the amount you want to add to your account and click Proceed to Checkout.

Q: How is Order History different from Transaction History?

A: Order History is a listing of all orders you have placed, while Transaction History is a record of all transactions on your account including adding funds to your account. Order History includes details of each order including the specific physician profiles that were ordered.


About Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report

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